My Shortest Diet

(humorous story)

“My cheeks are disgusting. They make my face look like a ball,” I said to the mirror one morning. “I need dieting!
I’m starting now! Heigh-ho!”

So, I chose apples and yogurt for breakfast. But what about yesterday’s cake? “Nо! Remember about diet!” said my brains to the treacherous stomach. So, I made cabbage salad for lunch. My sister was baking potatoes with vegetables. Feh! My dinner consisted of oatmeal and water, while my family had eating borscht. Hmm…

“And what about your super?” will ask you. Oh, my super was fascinating: cake, baking potatoes, borscht and colla! “Aren’t you on a diet?” – my Mom asked, looking at the fast-disappearing food. “Іt’s over”, said me, eating cake.

I’m sure, that it was the shortest diet in history! Ouch…

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