A Walk At the Dnipro Quay


Obolonskaya embankment in Kyiv attracts both guests and locals day in and day out. For those who live nearby, it is a common and ordinary place for a walk, which for some reason attracts even in bad weather.

The sound of water, the whisper of leaves, the gust of wind, the moon and the stars adding a special charm to the Dnipro and the waterfront – what could be better? Beautiful decoration, cafes and benches near the river allow you to relax your body, soul and mind. Although everyone has a different rest, from freezing with alcohol and arranging an evening jog, to meeting with friends and riding electronic scooters.

Walking along the banks of the Dnipro pulls every evening, and while starting to stroll, people realize that it will be difficult to stop. I want to cover increasingly big distances, enjoy the wonderful views and feel the wind tickling my hair. It seems that you pass all Kyiv with a wave of your hand. Just a minute ago, you were next to the church, and in a while you find yourself at Natalka Park. Everyone can see picturesque city sights and the road of dreams he or she overcomes.

The particular attention should be paid to dazzling ducks floating on the Dnipro extremely close to the shore. They are, indeed, very nice to watch. These birds add zest to the stroll and leave warm memories, as well as an evening walk along the waterfront.

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