Birth of the Magic

One day a family of two that lived in a forest house had unusual anticipation. It was the day before Christmas. The night was absolutely light, however, stars that rose right above the roof shone surprisingly bright.

Suddenly Mr. Kind heard a knock. He saw the shadow in the curtain. The man couldn’t understand who can come at such a late evening hour.

Once upon a time, his grandma described the Angel who came to grandparent’s house and blessed them before his, Mr. Kind’s, birth. It was a kind of magic on the eve of Christmas that was remembered by Mr. Kind just like a fairytale, nothing more, you know.

“He is so late…” thought the frustrated man. The point was his lovely wife lost a child several weeks ago. It was a great grief for such a strong family.

However, he decided to open the door. Miss Kind came into the living room and saw his husband holding a small dirty boy, who had something like wings on his back seemed to be broken. He was absolutely weak and helpless. They couldn’t even catch boy’s breathing.

The family wanted him to live. They tried to make him clean and pure, rescue the remains of his wings and put him into the bed of their unborn child. They prayed to God to leave him alive as nobody else in the world.

The next morning was magical – that was Christmas morning. When Mr. Kind came to the children’s room, he couldn’t believe his eyes. The Angel who visited their house yesterday turned into a child. A tiny baby-boy. Their son.

Suddenly he understood everything – their unusual guest was nobody but Angel, who helped his parents many years ago. Today he gifted them a child and rescued them from hopelessness.

His wife said Angel just gave a woman his wings and brought their baby from the seventh heaven back to the Earth…

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