Bookworm`s Guide in Kyiv

Do you passionately love books? Do you sincerely want to spend time with books and only books? Do you live in Kyiv? If you replied “Yes” for all these questions, we would have the perfect guide for you with three places!

First place. Zakapelok.books & coffee

This is a young book cafe or coffee bookstore, as owners said. It is located in Podil, an ancient center of Kyiv, in an extremely squat building. If you explore this pleasant place in a day, you can work calmly or read books in patience. If you visit this place in the evening – you can watch films or listen to instrumental music or lyrical poems. There is an enormous collection of delicious tea and coffee (or cacao). This is like a showroom for books – you can read them, you can speak about them, you can touch them or even scent them. Impressive Zakapelok`s collection consists of such publishing houses as Vivat, Nash Format, ABABAGALAMAGA, Vydavnytsvo, The Old Lion Publishing House, ArtHuss, etc. It is mostly new and popular books – business books, for motivation or for work. In addition, they possess a collection of children’s books and do charity. It is a perfect place if you sincerely want to spend working time, some time with friends, or just being alone. They have chess, many games and a smorgasbord of music.


Do you like to drink alcohol? Do you want to drink alcohol and read books? If your answer is “Yes” – you need to go to art-cafe “Bookitoria”. They have a fascinating collection of alcohol – more than one hundred liquors. They can be produced from vegetables, fruits, honey or even pepper! You can read books here or look at pictures. Tthey give photographs a possibility to show their work. Also it a place near the geographic center of Kyiv – it is located near Golden Gates, so you can easily get to this destination any time.


So you want to have breakfast/lunch/supper/dinner and read books before or after? Find some not mass-oriented literature? You need to go to the Harms Cafe – there you can have all of this. They have a little bit high prices, so you can’t go there every day, but this is a perfect place for a date. You can find some literature’s diamonds there – books about fashion, style, bikes or anything with art if you want to.

So, there are three places if you want to read books, be surrounded by them and spend time in a nice calm place. Have fun and read good books!

March 5, 2019

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