Cruel Cosmetics and Lousy Lipstick

Every day we use cosmetics, but avoid getting it in the eye, tasting it or rubbing it in the wound, we know that it is dangerous. But when making cosmetics, to understand the interaction of mixed substances with the living body, many companies test cosmetics in animals, and only some of them show mercy.

All of us got shampoo in the eyes. We immediately thoroughly rinse it with water, because the eyes usually start tweaking and tingling. But you just imagine when another living creature, just because it is locked in a case, and just because it is defenseless, some cuddly-mudly pet, some lovely-dovely buddy, some swoochie-woochie mutt, gets a spoon of this shampoo in its innocent eyes and suffer from it, not a moment, and even not for two… How cruel is the world! This is what happens to the experimental rabbits in the Dreis test: the animals are exposed to the test substance and wait until corneal damage occurs. Often the test ends with the cloudy cornea and the blind eyes of some possible fluffy friend.

In tests for skin irritation, the cosmetics professionals take rats, guinea pigs, rabbits, and sometimes even dogs and cats, shave the hair, remove the skin and rub the poisonous stuff with perfect aroma into the wounds of our little friends to test the substance.

What do you feel after using such cosmetics? Don`t you feel the rabbit tears on your newly born lipstick? Rats and guinea pigs (the physiology of these animals is that they do not have the ability to vomit) receive a huge number of detergents and the specialist wait until a certain percentage of animals die. A modern test “Death dose – 50” is not considered complete until half of the animals die.

In the present day world, hundreds of companies have switched to modern humane methods of testing drugs. For example, the ingredients of various mixtures are checked on a computer.

Firms that products have not been tested on animals and that have used humane alternatives put labels on their products, “Not tested on animals”, “Animal-friendly”. The products of these firms can also be marked with special signs: a rabbit in a circle or a palm that covers the rabbit.

The best way to stop using animals for tests is to refuse to buy products from those firms that are involved with them. PETA has created a database of companies that do not test their cosmetic staff on animals. To get this information you could log on

Here the brands of those companies that don`t abandon animal tests:

What cosmetics to use is the choice of everyone. What is more important for you — your own beauty or the life of some pretty pet with appealing eyes, begging us desperately, “Let`s live together!”  Personally, I will never forget the eyes of a beautiful black fox doomed to be killed on a fur farm. I will never forget the eyes of a lonely well-bred dog thrown out of a house and not knowing where to seek food… Let`s live together, let`s do some steps to force these companies to ban their cruel cosmetics production practice.

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