Distance Education

Distance education is the interaction of a teacher and students with each other at a distance, reflecting all the components inherent in the educational process (goals, content, methods, organizational forms, teaching aids) and implemented by specific means of Internet technologies or other means that provide interactivity.

Recommendations for interesting distance education

  • Do not use only one form of communication

Just like in a regular lesson: you speak and write, show and play, choose and discuss. During distance learning you need to involve all types of perception in students. Online you have a wide field for maneuver. After all, you can combine text tasks with explanations or audio messages. To enable each student to complete at least one task, create selections. For example, offer to watch a movie, read an article, or listen to a podcast on one topic.

  • Work in online groups

Distance learning is the best opportunity to unite students in teams and give them group tasks. In addition, it simplifies the stage of preparation of tasks and allows you to maximize the creative potential of students.

So, what distance learning methods could you add as the most catching and compelling as experienced e-learning students?

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