How did I win in ‘Young Word Koronatsiya?’

Actually, now there will be a recipe for victory. That’s a direct success. Wait a minute, a little more.

In short, look. You are creating the first draft of the work, which it is desirable to write as fast as you need to eat ice cream in the summer — because it will melt! Reread. Do not delete! A difficult step, I know. We find the first victim, sorry, a beta reader. If you feel a little sorry for him, then correct the mistakes in the work first. At least completely unreadable words (and yes, I’m so brazen that sometimes I send my texts to a beta reader in a really bad way written.). And now the main thing — listen to this person (there may be even two. Or three). Weigh all the criticism and remarks (and if they disperse, say that you have quotes and you want to be praised for something. Honestly, I did.). And write the second draft.

Next, it is advisable to re-read it for the third time, including the maximum internal censor to remove all errors (or look pleadingly at the school literature teacher). And then open the pages of the Koronatsiya competition terms and read them carefully. There is no place to hurry — the competition is annual, and on the day when this year’s reception ends — the next one begins. And there are so many rules that you have to reread for a very long time. And then check three times, when everything is already issued. And send. And then forget.

Seriously, forget it. The jury evaluates for months, if you remember every day for the competition, you will not have enough nerves for anything. And wait. And while you wait – learn.

You can learn on your own – write a lot, read a lot, collect storytelling tips on Pinterest and listen to criticism. It is possible under the guidance – I, for example, passed courses from Litosvita, now I work with a workbook ‘Write strongly.’

Then time will fly completely unnoticedly. And, perhaps, one morning you, as well as me, will be called and said, “Good afternoon, is this Valeriia? We are glad to announce that you have reached the final.”

April 7, 2020

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