‘Oscar and Lady in pink` by, Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt

Book Review

`My name is Oscar and I’m ten years old …They call me Egghead and I look about seven. I live in hospital because of my cancer and I’ve never written to you because I don’t even know if you exist.`

My rating is 5/5 stars. It was something incredible. I had goosebumps after reading this novel. Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt told about a little boy, who lived in hospital because of difficult illness. And everything would be good, but he suffered from leukemia and only had a couple of weeks left of the life ahead of him. Oscar wrote letter for God: described every day, feelings and conclusions about life. His mentor and best friend was an old lady Oscar calls “Mamie Rose”, who took care of him and spoken honestly to him, something his parents were unable to do. In the last ten days of his life, Mamie Rose tells Oscar that each day counts for ten years, and Oscar feels himself getting older by the hour and feels as though his life was more and more complete. Oscar really did many important things; he developed and just lived life.

In my opinion, this novel is about honesty…Honestly about our lives. Oscar knew about illness, knew that only had a few days left to live. Oscar is loving, smart, appealing, and heart-touching and wears his heart on his sleeve. Physical suffering is a test for him; moral suffering is your choice. A boy decided not to give up. I think that many people can learn from him.

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