Ukrainian music is booming every day. There are a lot of talented and creative people. Each musical artist definitely has his own style, which attracts a large audience of listeners. Each person has his own specific musical preferences and tastes. Someone gives importance to hip-hop, someone to rap, someone to rock. In this article, I want to give my personal opinion about the best music artists of Ukraine. First, I will show my musical preferences, and then I will show the statistics that I made by using the opinions of my friends. So, my TOP – 5 of the best Ukrainian musicians.

  1. MARUV

I can boldly say that she is a world star who has achieved success in the shortest possible time. She is a young, sexy, shocking girl who has become famous all over the world with one hit – Drunk Groove. In one year, the video clip for this song gained about 140 million views. After gaining such great popularity, MARUV won the national selection of Eurovision. But given the big problems with politics, the artist refused to take part in the world Eurovision, which gave her even more popularity and conflicts. In any case, the young Ukrainian singer continues to delight her fans with her new tracks with modern and beautiful clips. Since I am a big fan of her, I give her first place on my top.


Almost every resident of Ukraine knows his songs. Be it a child, be it a pensioner. The 33-year-old guy in the early summer of 2019 assembled a whole Olympic stadium, which is worthy of respect. His songs are very danceable, which is why MONATIK often plays in nightclubs. The young artist has dozens of colorful clips that you want to review several times. I have a lot of his songs on my playlist. Therefore, I give the 2nd place to MONATIK.


This young guy became famous back in 2010 by releasing the song “Stytsamen”. Even at that time, he already had his own audience, as he used to be known as a member of the “Para Normalnih” group. A promising guy always changes his style of music, which attracts new listeners. One of his latest albums combines several genres of music at once: deep house and techno, hip hop and R&B. The Ukrainian artist is very popular among teenagers. At his concerts, there is always a full concert hall. His songs will suit any mood. That is why I give Ivan Dorn 3rd place.

  1. LUNA

Fans call her the “Queen of the Indie Pop.” A young singer, the mother of her son, model, and photographer – this is all about the Ukrainian performer – LUNA. At the age of 29, this girl gathered a huge number of fans on the territory of Ukraine and Russia. Her melodic songs are widespread around teenagers. Her songs are very suitable for those who like to listen to sad but at the same time very beautiful music. 4th number comes to LUNA.


The young hip-hop group is an idol for many teenagers. They are bright, stylish, snazzy and great. They sing modern and dance songs. Their colorful clips are gaining hundreds of millions of views. Many children dream of getting to their concert. Now this group is at the peak of popularity. They give their international tours in many countries. I really love their songs and I could not add them to my TOP-5of the best Ukrainian performers.

After I shared my personal opinion about the best Ukrainian performers, I decided to make a small poll with my friends and my family. My poll consisted of one question, “What are the best 5 music performers of Ukraine in your   opinion?” I will demonstrate all the results in a diagram. I highlighted 9 bright Ukrainian artists.

Well, I want to say that my opinion almost coincided with the opinion of my friends and my folks. Despite different ages, gender and lifestyle – almost everyone listens to the same music. Music is an integral part of our life. Never be afraid and feel free to share your favorite song! Enjoy your life and the music will help you to do it!

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