The Mermaid’s Revenge

(derailed fairy tale)

Long ago there lived a Sea King in the coral palace at the bottom of the sea. He had six mermaid daughters. While five of them were happy, his youngest princess Ariel didn’t smile even once.

The Little Mermaid loved the surface world. She would often swim up to see the blue sky and the green trees of the distant land. She felt that without the wonders of the world above she would be unhapру. Веautiful fish, shells of various sizes and shapes of the wondrous sea, failed to satisfy her. Not even stories told by her father would make her smile.

One day, while Ariel was swimming on the surface of the water and watching ships go by, she saw a young man falling off his ship. She swam swiftly to save him from drowning and dragged him to the shore. Soon, people found the man on the shore, and Ariel swam away. This man was actually the prince of a kingdom. When he became conscious, the prince looked around for the girl who had saved him but no one knew who she was.

The Little Mermaid often thought of the young man and fell in love with the prince. He became the only thing Ariel could think about.

On a full moon, Ariel decided to go to the surface again and finally find the prince. While young man was sitting on the shore, The Little Mermaid swam over to him and showed him her face.

When the prince saw her tail, he got so scared and disgusted that started screaming. Ariel was hurt that young man didn’t love her and killed him out of anger.

The Little Mermaid swam deep into the ocean. Since that day, she has come to the surface only on a full moon with the aim of drowning young sailors.

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