10 ideas on what to do in quarantine

Self-realization is waiting for you!

  1. Online learning

Special emphasis is given to training courses and free lectures for children and adults. For example, you can learn new things by learning from courses offered on the Prometheus online platform. More than a hundred free courses are offered here. The WiseCow Online Video Lecture offers many interesting lectures on cinema, theater, literature, music, history, fashion, and more.

  1. Carrying out culinary experiments

If in normal times we never cook culinary masterpieces, then during the quarantine period it is quite possible to shorten the time. Nutrition during isolation is now turning into entertainment and even a challenge: after exploring your food supplies, you really have to create a new dish. The second spring month is ahead, and then summer will come and some would like to lose weight. In quarantine, you can learn to eat right and on time, not to overeat, because you can no longer eat fast food. In this case, proper food can be varied, the dishes are prepared simple, but – low-calorie.

  1. Reading, visiting online libraries

Reading is a kind of relaxation, and thus helps in the fight against stress. Almost everyone has unread books. This applies not only to print editions, but also to books in a personal online library.

  1. Home beauty treatments

Quarantine is an ideal period for women who do not always  have the opportunity to perform beauty treatments. For example, you can revise your cosmetics by throwing overdue and unnecessary, or vice versa, ordering something that will help you master new makeup techniques. During the quarantine period, you can try new cosmetics: serums, creams, masks.

For three weeks of home SPA treatments like massage, scrubbing and wrap, really lose weight and tone your body.

  1. Live video chat with friends and relatives

Quarantine is not a reason to deny yourself communication with the outside world. On the contrary, it is a reason to communicate more than before. Skype, Facetime, Instagram live – now correspondence is sidelined. It’s time to chat with relatives, friends, acquaintances who are far away, or even in the neighborhood.

  1. Search for a new job, work with a resume

According to statistics, 70% of people are dissatisfied with their work, but it is difficult for them to decide to change it, it is not always time to find a new place of work, a source of additional income. Quarantine is more than enough, so it is useful to update your resume or portfolio.

  1. Online movie and theater viewing, virtual museum visits

Today, at home, you can watch almost any movie that was previously shown in theaters. Ukrainian films suggest seeing the first Takflix platform. Good TV shows are offered by Netflix. You can spend more refined time watching a classic concert or performance. All this will be found on streaming services, Youtube, on social networks.

  1. Revision of the wardrobe

Revision of the wardrobe is a very useful activity. After the general cleaning of the house was done, it was time to go to the wardrobe. Long hours during quarantine can be spent sorting things out. They are divided into what you need: discard, sell, donate or leave. Some things are definitely in need of repair. From the rest, after viewing the wardrobe of things, you can create fashionable and completely unexpected images.

  1. Work out

Because the gyms and clubs are closed, visitors go online for training. You can keep in touch with the trainer and, on his or her advice, do homework or train together live. There are plenty of sports apps on the network that are free to install on your phone or tablet. To really engage friends and acquaintances with the classes, it will be interesting to compete and share their achievements.  Lovers of long hikes will be upset, because you do not find the minimum necessary 10,000 steps a day in the apartment. Cheap steppers will come to the rescue. Free time should be given to yoga and meditation.

  1. Adjust your sleep

Long-term work or temporary leave often make you read late, get up in the morning and wake up in the middle of the day. I urge, on the contrary, to adjust the regime or stick to the previous one. Healthy  sleep is something we all need right now. So, as you do not want to see a few more episodes or read a book today, give preference to a cozy bed. The body will be delighted. However, don`t take more than five naps a day!

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