1984 by George Orwell

(book review)

This is a book about wars: real and imaginary. The real one is the war between the three powers: Oceania, Eurasia, Vostasia, which is meaningless, and it is needed only to exterminate the population. The fierce struggle with the past, the dissent, the language, the desire to live freely in happiness and prosperity belongs to the imaginary.

Nonetheless, the citizens of Oceania are programmed to find their life “happy.” And they cannot even be called citizens because citizens have political freedom, choice, and these people are like slaves of the Big Brother, ready for anything for the sake of their God, the man who created a “wonderful life” for them. This state was created only for the sake of power.

“The party strives for power exclusively for its own sake. Power is not a means; it is the goal”, — these words belong to O’Brien, who is a party member.

The only grain of sand among the rest of the “zombies” is the main character — Winston Smith. In fact, this is a weak person, and his desire to overthrow Big Brother, in any case, would not have led to anything. However, he tried to go against the tide. Unfortunately, everyone who sailed against the tide was met with an unusual death. Why is it unusual? The fact is that the people who were in power in this country were so attached to the government and the party that they did not allow people to die with a different point of view. Other countries with a similar regime of torture inspired the arrested with their point of view, but this country does not even allow the uprising of the dead against the government.

While you are reading this work, you are haunted by the thought: “Are they deceiving us now?” Perhaps you will stop watching the news, or it will seem to you that your TV is a TV-screen, in general, you will be afraid of losing your freedom. This book really affects the worldview, and this is proven by many readers who could not get away from the book for 3-4 days, or even more. Orwell wrote a terrible book, but it`s a true book. He challenged people, gave them the opportunity not to become zombies. After all, there is no future for humanity, which purposefully destroys itself.

And we, the people of this century, must decide on the goal to which our descendants will come, because if there is no certain direction of our activity, then utopia can come true, and we will simply be torn out of history, and the coming generation will become a gray mass praising a person who will ruin their lives. My rating is 10/10.

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