3 Ukrainian Fashion Brands That Care About The Environment

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The main trend today is not color or style. The minds of fashionable insiders (including Ukrainian ones) are occupied with environmental problems, rejection of natural fur, recycling, upcycling, because it is impossible to ignore all the harm that traditional methods of clothing production do to the planet. That is why sustainable fashion ideas are gaining momentum among designers, regardless of where this or that brand was founded. So, which Ukrainian brands are promoting the ideas of conscious consumption?

Ksenia Schnaider

In 2018, the Ksenia Schnaider team received a special Sustainable Fashion award at the Best Fashion Awards for their coats and fur coats, as well as their hit-hitting Demi-Denims, made from the vintage denim. The number of orders has been growing rapidly, and now the company not only buys jeans at second-hand stores, but also cooperates with a Turkish certified factory ISKO, which produces organic and recycled denim.

Raw Flaw

Raw Flaw is a Ukrainian brand of bags and accessories made of waterproof paper. “We adhere to the concept of sustainable living — reasonable, meaningful consumption. We believe that you can wear beautiful things without harming the planet. To reduce consumption in the fashion industry, we release bags and accessories that remain relevant regardless of trends and seasons. Our main goal is to turn sustainable living into a norm of life,” say Anastasia Deeva and Irina Nikolenko, founders of Raw Flaw. The novelty of the season is the capsule collection of eco-bags together with the Theo brand.

RCR Khomenko

In 2015, Ukrainian designer Yasya Khomenko and Natalya Isupova, founder of Goodbuyfashion Kyiv commission, launched The Shirt Project upcycling project. Using second-hand men’s shirts and leftover fabrics from all over the world, Yasya creates stylish dresses with abstract patterns. “When we first started upcycling, there were many questions, “Why should I pay such a sum if the shirt is from a second-hand?” or “Why isn’t my size available?” Today it is a megatrend, a reflection on the global ecological crisis,” the designer shares his observations.

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