5 Books Making My Life Fabulous!

When I was a little girl, my parents always wanted me to read, to read a lot and to read fast. And like an every average Joe-child I hated it. Once I felt something inside while surfing the Instagram. I wanted to look through the book like my favorite blogger. ‘Reading Challenge’ grew trendy and I got a flashback from my bookworm school years. Well I decided to find it… My way in reading started. So far I’ve read more than 30 books and I can definitely say that 5 of them are really vital for me. Well, here they are:

  1. ‘Answer’ by Alan and Barbara Pease. That was my first great book. I found out a lot and knew how this life works, how our subconscious impacts us, how to use it with benefits and live happy.
  2. The second book — ‘Never eat alone and other secrets to success, one relationship at a time’ by Keith Ferrazzi. After reading it, I started to meet a lot of new people, and I don’t feel any fear of communication and networking. Actually the book is about the last…I mean communication.
  3. ‘Buy that f*cking lilies and other rituals to fix your life’ by Tara Schuster. Provocative title caught my eye and this book taught me the true self-love. Now I shared most of rituals in my own course of self-development!
  4. ‘Radical forgiveness’ by Kollin Tipping. That is best book. The spiritual part of my life that brings me joy every day and every moment. Thanks to it I know how to overcome stress fast and without resentments!
  5. ‘Radical love’ also by Kollin Tipping. Once I had really a difficult period in my life and after doing all the practices from that book I worked everything out and have happy relationships now🙌🏼

That’s all for now, I guess you will read some of my favs and have the same feelings and deep thoughts after.

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