‘A Brief History of Time’ by Stephen Hawking

(book review)

How did the universe come about? Why are there no people on neighboring planets? Are we alone in this endless space? And is it infinite? For centuries, physicists, astronomers, philosophers and other scientists have been trying to find answers to these questions, in parallel building theories and discovering amazing things.

The well-known theoretical physicist, cosmology and astrophysicist Stephen Hawking discusses the origin of the Universe, the appearance of time and the origin of black holes.

I am a humanitarian, so this book has been waiting for its hour for two years for sure. Record! So, in the introduction Hawking promised that his reasoning would be sufficiently accessible to any person, even one who does not know a physicist, since he would not overload readers with formulas and equations. In fact, the only truth turned out to be that there was only one formula in the book. The first chapter went well with me – still, I remember from school both Newton’s discoveries and Einstein’s theory of relativity.

Therefore, it was very fascinating to read. This is how I discovered the Doppler Effect, quarks, singularity and much more. And at the end of the book, you can find the afterword of the physicist Smorodinsky, who more or less adequately explained the essence of the book on five pages. But without the desire to look at Google every five minutes to see the definitions of incomprehensible words, without a physicist friend with great patience to answer all questions, reading this book can be dangerous to your self-esteem. My rating is 8/10.

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