A Healthy Mind Is In A Healthy Body

(opinion article)

Everyone has noticed that when you are in a bad mood, you feel bad. You are broken and sick. It seems that you have a fever, you are nauseous and do not want to eat. So in order to be normal for your body and physical condition, try to take care of your moral health. When you feel bad, try to distract yourself. Take a walk with friends in the park and force yourself to eat if you haven’t eaten anything all day. The lack of food or even its absence will not make your day brighter. It will just spoil it and, as Americans say, you will cut your nose to spite your face.

Sometimes cute things can help you come to your senses. Try to find out what exactly helps you in such situations. I guess that if you want to keep your body normal, in a good physical condition, you should not stay at home all the time. Add more movement to your life, and the day will be more enjoyable and funny.

We realized that the physical state is strongly connected with the emotional condition of any person. I mean good or bad mood, and one cannot exist normally without the other. So to feel good, you otta attempt to practice some physical exercises or outdoor walks on a daily basis. Of course, talking about it is quite simple, and when you find yourself in a situation of moral imbalance, rather often, you could do nothing with yourself and continue to do bad things even worse: listening to sad music, coming up with new problems and so on. You should not follow this way; it is better to wake up from this stupor. An hour of sad mood will go unnoticed, but it could affect your physical condition for a few days. So change your attitude to your emotional state. It means a lot in our life…

I do recommend that you should spend more good time with your funny friends and lively folks, who would share their life experience open-heartedly, so sad thoughts will not flood your mind. Then you will be a happy health-nut person who can deal with any moral and life problems calmly without any tantrums, screams and self-harm.

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