A talented person is talented in everything


I even don`t know why but from all successful TV and business personalities flicking at various multimedia outlets, most of all I am impressed by Masha Efrosinina.

Many women of our country got their wonderful lives and love stories thanks to this cheerful lady. She is the hope, protection and example of the great female strength. A talented person is talented in everything. An amazing Ukrainian TV presenter and a smart public figure, Ambassador of the United Nations Population Fund in Ukraine and the founder of a series of charity events “Charity weekend”, beautiful and bright YouTube blogger, Maria Efrosinina, can`t but loved by numerous funs and followers.

A young girl from Kerch, with cheery smile and sparkling eyes, was noticed by TV producers at the age of 18. She appeared like an avalanche in many creative and funny TV programs. However, the most important debut was made by her at the First National in the program “Happy Call.” Soon Maria received an invitation from the “New Channel”, which launched a new morning program “Rise”. Together with Efrosinina and Gorbunov, the whole country woke up for many years. This program was a great start to Maria’s career. Television was developing rapidly, a large number of projects on the New Channel, STB and Ukraine began with the greeting of Maria and her smile in the frame. She has impeccable diction, perfect pronunciation, which undoubtedly pleases the viewer.

In parallel with her television career, Masha Efrosinina has not been indifferent to the painful family stories of Ukrainian women. Being an openhearted person, she has opposed to psychological and physical violence in Ukrainian families so far. Maria has helped and is helping a large number of women to establish relationships with their husbands or to brush them off. On her account a lot of women’s “thank you” and happy smiles.

Masha Efrosinina is very popular on YouTube thanks to her own project “Exam.” Open and frank conversations with show business stars, actors and singers are extremely pleasing to Maria’s audience, because every fan has seen her so morally frank, clean, sensitive and honest for many years.

Maria Efrosinina is the personification of women’s justice, strength, insane thirst for success and indifference to the painful topics of society.

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