After Standoff

(action miniflash story)

Paul cracked open an eye. It seemed that his throat was burning with fire and his chest bursting with smoke… The dappled sun shone through the branches, creating mysterious shadows. Paul coughed and breathing became easier. Memories came like an avalanche. Somewhere nearby a crow croaked… Croak, croak, croak…

They were hot yesterday. He remembered the scorching sky and machine-gun fire. Paul ran somewhere and met the frightened faces of the soldiers. They knew that the enemy was close, but hoped to break through… Someone yelled for help in a raging kerfuffle… vainly… Black crows circled above them. Croak, croak, croak…

Paul tried to get up, but a black curtain covered his eyes. The crow’s croaking was heard a few meters nearby. Paul tried to wind up the blackout. The old crow’s pensive eyes stared at him… Croak, croak, croak

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