“After truth”

(film review)

A banal romantic plot, isn’t the knowledge of cinematographers how to touch the viewer?

The romantic melodrama “After truth” is a film adaptation of Anna Todd’s novel and a sequel to the film “After”, released in 2019. The first part caused a furor among the audience, but also indignation at the poor acting. Everyone was fascinated by the script and the plot, so everyone was looking forward to the second part.

The main characters are Tessa, a beautiful and calm girl, and Hardin, a bad guy, who met in college and a few weeks later began to keep together. But later Tessa learned that Hardin had bet that they would start a relationship. However, it turned out that the boy’s feelings were not fake and he tried his best to get the girl back. ‘My life before him was so simple and decided, now after him…It`s just…after,’ says Tessa.

The teaser of the second part was released in late July 2020, and in early September of that year, the film was released in movie theaters, leaving behind two opposite feelings. Again, the plot made a great impression. In some episodes, Hardin and Tessa keep together again, but in the way of this loving couple there is a “competitor” – Trevor. However, it is difficult to say that he was part of this love triangle. Because the girl is not interested in the guy.

The second part engages the audience with many bed scenes in contrast to the first part. There seem to be a lot of them, just because there is nothing more to hold the attention of the audience.

According to fans, such drastic changes with the scenes, there may be a change of director, because in the first part it was Jenny Gage, and in the second – Roger Campbell.

Briefly about the moments of the second part, in addition to the fact that the pigeons diverge and converge several times, there is a fight between Tessa and Molly, Hardin’s ex-girlfriend, for the same guy. I think this is a very strange scene that humiliates girls fighting for the heart of a narcissistic young man.

The teaser states that the film is 12+, despite all the erotic scenes. However, the film shows everything concisely and censoristically, so that teenagers have access to watch. You will not see love in the film, so do not expect that today’s realities are like that.

I’m not criticizing the film, and I’m not refusing to watch it. I look forward to the third part. I liked the movie, only a few episodes irritate me a bit .

Мy rates is 8/10.

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