Alexei Durnev, Blogger and Broadcaster, Producer and Actor


Alexei Sergeyevich Durnev is a Ukrainian TV presenter, journalist, producer, blogger, and actor.

Alexei Durnev was born on July 31, 1986, in Mariupol, Donetsk Region. In 2003, he graduated from the Mariupol City Lyceum. From 2003 to 2008, he studied at Kharkiv National University of Radio electronics, specializing in information technology security. After Alexei had received his diploma of higher education, he realized that he did not want to work in his profession and decided to realize himself in the sphere of journalism. He started small – he created his own production studio.

Already in 2011, Alexei’s authorial show ‘Durnev + 1’ appeared on the TV channel TET. This was an entertaining television show in Ukraine, a continuation of the Internet TV program ‘Lumpeny.’ The idea of the show was to criticize the lack of education among young people. It premiered on TET channel on June 27, 2011.

Alexei’s co-host was Dasha Shea. This show rapidly began to gain viewers and became very popular among Ukrainian viewers. But, unfortunately, in 2014, the show disappeared from TV screens, and now you can watch it only on YouTube. Personally, I am sad that the show is gone, because it was really entertaining and quite instructive. But Alexei chose a different path – to develop further.

In mid-2012, Alexei became the host of the TV show ‘Goddess of Shopping.’ This show is still produced on the TV channel TET, Alexey now acts as an expert on this show, along with other celebrities.

It came as a surprise to me when I recently learned that Aleksei was running as a self-nominated candidate in the 2014 parliamentary elections, but unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, he did not manage to get elected to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the 8th convocation.

For some time, Alexei did not actively appear in the media sphere, but in 2018 viewers were lucky enough to see Alexei again, but already on his personal YouTube channel. Since 2018, Durnev has begun to release videos on his channel, in which he looks at the stories in the social network Instagram of famous and not only people, discusses what he saw, somewhere criticizes, but the idea of the program is created in order to see how other people live together with the audience. The program carries entertainment content, but with the content of this program, Alexei shows his viewers how not to do, so as not to make fun of themselves.

In 2019, Alexei starred in his only film so far, ‘The Producer.’ It is a Ukrainian film comedy by Sergey Vein.

At the moment, Alexei is very active in maintaining his YouTube channel. He publishes humorous videos of different formats on it. Also, he displays enthusiasm on his Instagram page, where he often writes very important, instructive and informative posts.

For me, Alexey is a kind of example. He really was able to achieve a lot and is sure to do even more. He is a very intelligent person who tries to spot some things in the world. Perhaps some of them are unpleasant, some are more pleasant. Simply put, he looks at the world with a sober eye and tries to make people aware of things that some people don’t notice. He’s very straightforward, which I’m very impressed with. He also shows by his example that it’s not necessarily what you studied, because you can become successful in any field, the main thing is that you like it, and you were confident in yourself.

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