Anxiety is the Scourge of the Modern World

Keep it Simple, Stupid!

Anxiety is a feeling when you cannot foresee the outcome of a situation or when it goes through a bad scenario. But many young people become anxious. Their anxiety accompanies them every day, and they die alive because of this uncontrollable feeling. But is this problem so terrible? Maybe everything is much simpler? I think everything is much simpler.

Anxiety can appear due to the lack of confidence in yourself and your strength. It can appear due to prejudices imposed on us by society, social networks, and our close environment. Anxiety can appear during scary events, such as war, fire, accident – this is normal. It is normal to be afraid of losing your life; it’s normal to be afraid of breaking your arm.

But it is not normal to be anxious about trifles. It is not normal to be constantly in a state of anxiety when there is no reason for it. It is not okay to be anxious about events that happened in the past.

But we are all susceptible to it.

The worst thing is to see young people driving themselves into the grave. How they cannot cope with their thoughts and how they cannot overcome the problems of the past. After all, there are many cases when, because of stupid thoughts, people said goodbye to life. This is the scourge of modern times!

Our parents are much stronger than us. They have a thirst for life; they want to learn a lot, they do not delve into the past – they move on. They are better than us at this. They are “lighter.” It is easier for them to live. They only look ahead and see us happy there! And we drive ourselves into depression.

Children are obliged to be better than their parents, but this is not always the case.

Anxiety is the scourge of the modern world…Sounds like a sentence. But I do not intend to follow it.

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