Being Original is a Key to Success

Originality is important, and I’m absolutely sure about it. No matter what exactly it is, the only important thing is that something that is different from others has more chances to be successful. We don’t talk about people only – it can also be seen in other parts of our life. For example, imagine a situation: there are a lot of cupcakes in front of you but most of them are brown and only one is a rainbow with many sparkles and glitters. Which one will you think about? Which one do you want to try? I don’t think that many people will choose one from the brownies – that’s not because they’re not delicious, that’s just because rainbow cupcake is striking, it says ‘Look at me! I’m here just for you!’ This cupcake wants to be noticed, and it will be!

Sometimes we are afraid to be extraordinary, to be original. Mostly it’s because to be ‘not like others’ means to be laughed at. Not all people understand what you want to show them.

Also, for example, classical music. Better to say, musicians. For all times, there have been a billion musicians, successful and not so much. But what’s the reason that we remember only a few of them? The answer is simple: they all have had something that makes them not like the others. Yes, you can be famous by not being original, but the question is – will you be remembered through centuries?

Nowadays the music industry also has many cool musicians but if you are asked to name some of them you will recall somebody who you like and who has his or her own zest.

There are many other examples of why originality is important. Like, a teacher can’t keep in mind all of their students but if somebody talks so much, has piercing, bright clothing or blue hair – the teacher will remember them. When at an interview the employer chooses between a common person and someone bright, who shows how ready to be part of the team he is, someone who is different from everyone will have this workplace. It’s clear that the employer will be more surprised by the second one.

So my opinion is that if you want to be noticed, you should stick out, show your extraordinary and have something that others don’t.

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