Best friends: how to wear diamonds according to etiquette

The classic rule is: “Diamonds are not worn until the age of thirty and until five in the evening.” In fact, the intricacies of wearing jewelry are much greater.

At what age and in what position can a woman wear diamonds?

It so happened that the first diamond ring the young lady receives as a bride.

Are diamonds appropriate in a business dress code?

Pusets of the moderate carat, as well as a wedding ring, are always appropriate. If the mistress herself is receptive and resistant to envious and interesting views – of course. Modesty, like “expensive poverty”, is a trick. The highest quality usually has a modest appearance.

In what case it is possible to consider that ornaments – too much?

It is never too much for a good thing! It all depends on the suit and occasion. The overdose is always and in everything — detrimental. But national character and customs decide everything. There is no one rule, there is only a lack of tact or upbringing.

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