Bitter Love Story…

(short story)

Once upon a time, in the ancient times there was a man named ‘Fred Sharp Knife.’ There were rumors that he killed 10 people in one fell swoop.

In the city of Retroville, everyone was afraid of him, even the local Mafia. To train him, the local mafia kidnapped his beloved. To free her, he must go through many obstacles and even torture. One of the traps for Fred was to cross the pond with crocodiles, but he succeeded on stabbing several critters to death. Overcoming obstacles, he realized that for the sake of his beloved, he is ready to change and start his life from scratch. And so he came to the end, but the mafia has already killed his beloved. He was incredibly angry, because he was promised that if he withstood all the trials, his sweetgirl will be alive. A bloody massacre began, Fred soaked all 4 people with his bare hands, but could not stand the bitter end of his honey girl and decided to commit suicide, because only in that world he could be with her. Here, he jumped into an abyss, and I woke up! As it turned out it was just my imagination! However, where did I take the knife with an engraving ‘Fred?’

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