Blood of Magicians Flowing in me?

(magic realism)

One day I turned the sand-glass over and unwrapped the time with a fluctuating five-ten minute delay… 

The fact is that magic is forbidden in our empire and the council responsible for catching magicians is headed by my father. I would never have thought in my life that I would become Wic-c-c-a.

I once went to my dad’s office with the aim of finding out more details for myself and regarded a report about a tower where people practiced magic. This is my chance. Hearing fast footsteps of my father and his assistant, I calmly turned my watch aside and left through a window.

Afterwards, being invited by a duke for a cup of tea, to play games with his teen child, I went on a voyage with a personal knight. The region was completely unknown to us… The tower was located in the southern forest full of dead trees.

As I approached, I wondered why, with such an anti-magic policy, this building stood like a well-maintained museum…The door opened by itself…Suddenly I saw a lovely little lady, so familiar for me from the paintings in our residence.

Wait, isn’t this my ‘dead’ mother? “Wic-c-c-a,” she said. “I have so much to tell you, and I have so much to teach you!”

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