Book Review by John Gray – “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus”

Whoever is near you, remember: this person is not perfect and will never become like that. None of us will. Waiting from your soulmate for only the most-most positive emotions and a constant, absolute, unconditional understanding is a gross mistake. They pay for it with disappointment and loneliness. You, especially if you are an inveterate egoist, need to learn to selflessly make your spiritual, emotional and intellectual contribution to your relationship with your loved one.

“Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus”

The book is a bestseller. The book reveals the intricacies of the relationship of the opposite sexes. Its interest lies in the fact that Gray indicates precisely that men and women are completely different. They are like different planets. And it is precisely this psychology of relations that must be understood and able to use it.

This is a practical guide. And it will be useful, I think, for different age groups. That is his peculiarity. Of course, for the younger generation, it will be generally like an alphabet, but for an adult, it will be like a lifebuoy. A guide to the rules, a guide to recommendations on how to understand your soulmate.

John Gray is twice married. It was after the divorce and marriage with the current second woman that this book was written. And perhaps this is a necessary experience that he shares. The book is a study to which he came, I think, not without the help of his current wife Bonnie, whom he thanks at the beginning of the book. The manual consists of 13 chapters. Not for superstitious.
For me, the book opened somewhere in the middle. Namely, the chapter on scoring became interested. Very interesting and informative. For me it was new … And so, in the middle, I didn’t single out anything special for myself. A bit tired of seeing the situation from each side. Paraphrasing the situation. As for me – you could cut it all. Chewing  too much. And yet, it seemed to me, there is more useful information for women here. Perhaps because the man wrote. But in general, it will help to understand better each other.

Perhaps because of these factors, the book was hard for me. Almost a month and a half I fought with her . . .

I think people who are interested in the psychology of relationships, who are interested in maintaining relationships – this book will be able to do. It deserves to stay in the home library in order to look inside at some dead-end, incomprehensible moments and look for answers. No wonder that the book entered the top 10 most influential books of our time.

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