Book Review of ‘We are our Brains: From the Womb to Alzheimer’s’ by Dick Swaab

Reading Dick Swaab’s book “We Are Our Brains,” I realized almost nothing! It is not an exaggeration to call this book mind-blowing because of the concentration of important scientific information…

But for those interested in popular science literature, “We Are Our Brains” will be a revelation. The main advantage is the genre itself: complex scientific terminology and concepts are revealed in simple words and supported with many examples. It captivates that the author is a Dutch neuroscientist, and everything written is the result of hard work over the years. Dick Swaab shows how much we do not know about ourselves, or do not want to know, living by prejudice. He argues that we need to review the work of social institutions and the moral of “traditional values” because they are outdated in connection with new discoveries.

In a word, I was delighted with it! Perhaps, I can name only one minus of the book – an insufficient knowledge base in biology, huh … I could not understand all the subtleties of the brain, but I caught the essence and made certain conclusions.

My rating is 10/10. Read smart books! Love and Peace 🙂

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