Book Review on ‘You will be able to draw in a month’ by Mark Kistler

All know we do not need talent to learn how to write as a communication”
Mark Kistler, You Can Draw in 30 Days:

My rating is 8/10. With this book, anyone can learn how to draw. Yes, anyone can learn how to draw, not masterpieces like Picasso, but you will begin to have an idea of the world the same as artists.

This is a kind of book course, where you can learn to look at things differently. For example, you will understand that each thing consists of different geometric shapes and you will learn to see them.

There are many tips in this book to simplify the drawing process and make it funny.

Mark Kistler looks at creativity through the eyes of a man who has never had time to hold a brush in his hand, so he found his own method of explaining art.

A month or thirty days of unknown experience and discovery of one’s own potential as an artist are waiting for you. In addition to your own experience, you will also have your own masterpieces. Which believe me you`ll like.

Your level will skyrocket because you will look at the objects around you differently. You will mentally disassemble them into geometric shapes, and you will understand that you have never done this before. You looked at the world and things in general; you did not disassemble them as puzzle pieces. I do recommend looking through this original book.

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