Books to Start Reading in English

Do you want to read books by English-speaking authors in the original? But what if we start with the simplest works that even beginners with a basic level of knowledge can do? For example, from easy novels, children’s books or the works of your favorite authors that have been read hundred times?
Here are books for you that are written in simple words, so they are easy to read even for those who do not know the language perfectly.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s stone’ by J.K. Rowling

Fans of Harry Potter probably know almost by heart the books and films about the famous boy with a scar. And so it will be easy to read the first part, and maybe the rest. In general, the sentences are clear, easy to read and translate. And if you have read a book several times before, then the brain itself will tell you the translation from memory. The language becomes more difficult from one part of the book to the next, so it makes sense to read all seven parts in order as you learn English.

‘City of Girls’ by Elizabeth Gilbert

This is an easy story about an elderly woman recalling her youth. There is a lot of love, humor, piquant topics and, nevertheless, lightness. Easy to read, but sometimes you have to look up words in the dictionary.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ by Truman Capote

Both the book and the film became classics. But reading Truman Capote in the original is a separate kind of pleasure. This story is about a young girl once made a furor. The publisher would refuse to print it if the author did not correct some points because for its time the book was too hot and daring. But Capote did not fix anything, and therefore the main character Holly remained as she was. To fully understand Holly`s character, it is worth reading the work in the original.

The Stories of Ray Bradbury’ by Ray Bradbury

This writer is a genius; he has many gorgeous books, but you can start reading them in the original only when your language skills reach at least Pre-intermediate level. But short stories are quite suitable for beginners who do not know the grammar very accurately, but have a good vocabulary. At the head of the collection, there is the story ‘A Sound of Thunder.’ A small but very instructive story about how just one wrong step can completely change everything.

Bradbury’s 100 best works, belonging to different genres, will provide an opportunity to study both the author’s style and the English language.

The Picture of Dorian Gray’ by Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde’s language is unique, which is why it is better to read it in the original. Dorian Gray’s story is shocking but captivating. Although the author’s syllable can be called aphoristic, you don’t always keep up with it, and you have to re-read the sentences again. The main character is handsome outside but terrible inside. And this leads the reader to reflections, makes them re-evaluate the values.

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