Business etiquette: Poses, gestures and facial expressions

Poses, facial expressions and gestures are an important factor in a business appearance. Back in the last century, scientists found that about 20% of information in personal communication, people perceive from words, and about 80% – non-verbally.

That is why it is important to observe yourself from the outside. This will help avoid unpleasant situations. The first time you can train in front of a mirror. To do this, you need to dress in a business suit and look at yourself from the outside. Particular attention should be paid to the following aspects:

Head position;


Where are your hands when you are standing, and what gestures look like when speaking or speaking in public;

The position of the legs and feet;

How smooth and confident your movements are.

Better yet, record yourself on a camcorder. The video will give an even more accurate view than a mirror. If you can’t correct what you don’t like on your own, you can sign up for special courses or watch a training video. Also useful practical information can be found in the books of Allan Pease.

Recommendations for gestures and facial expressions:

Keep your head straight;

Tilt it forward slightly while shaking hands;

Use active listening – nod lightly when the other person speaks;

Keep your back straight, bring your shoulder blades back and lower your shoulders;

Keep your hands in front of you and slightly complement the words with gestures;

It is advisable to put your feet shoulder-width apart for stable support, turn your feet towards the interlocutor;

Perform all movements smoothly and confidently, do not fuss;

Maintain a calm expression while smiling moderately at your interlocutor;

Look in the eyes, but not gaze, because gaze expresses either flirting between a man and a woman, or aggression between same-sex interlocutors.

We should also dwell on the handshake. In the business world, this is the only acceptable touch to another person. No hugs, pats on the shoulder, or pats on the elbow are acceptable. The handshake should be such that it does not overly squeeze the other person’s hand, but also that your hand is not completely relaxed.

One or two vertical swinging movements are permissible. It is unacceptable to shake a person’s hand. It is undesirable to use a handshake with both hands at the same time; this is overkill. If your palms are sweating or you have just entered the room from the street, where your hands are frozen, then it is better to try to keep them dry and warm.

Gestures to avoid:

Shrugging your shoulders gives the impression of uncertainty in your words;

Rubbing the neck, nose, cheeks, chin gives out excitement and may indicate a lie;

Crossed arms on the chest – closed posture, unwillingness to listen to the interlocutor;

A hand on an elbow often corresponds to states of fear and discomfort;

Propping up your head with your hand betrays boredom.

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