Cactus and Rose

In the gorgeous garden placed before the royal one, there were many colorful flowers: healthy nasturtiums, dazzling dahlias, pretty poppies, boasting begonias, magnificent magnolias, and admirable orchids. There was also a large contemptuous cactus with barbed prickles. A couple of bushes of young roses lurked bashfully beside it. They were planted just only several months ago.

Fancy flowers laughed a lot and had fun talking to each other, boasting their beauty, and mocking cheerily at the other plants. Only the roses were silent and shook their branches. They had nothing to brag about as their flowers were hidden in their grey little buds.

One rose, sighing sadly, spoke timidly to the cactus, “Come on, dear neighbor, let’s be friends. I want to have a good friend. You are so big and brave.”

But the cactus turned his thick round head back to the rose and replied proudly, “I don’t want to deal with you. You are so grey and ugly.”

The offended rose just whispered audibly, “So, I will ask the sun to give me the colors of the sky and, maybe, then I will be more beautiful…”

Suddenly, a miracle happened: the rose’s petals shone with splendid silver and blue colors. It turned into a bright beauty!

“Oh! How beautiful you are! Cactus said excitedly, “As long as I live in the world, I have never seen such beauty! Now, I will be your friend. Don`t worry!”

Hearing this, the neighbor of the rose, a peony, turned red with envy, the other flowers turned yellow and white with anger. Only the second red rose shared the joy of her fascinating female friend. And the silver and blue rose sadly shook her charming head and said to the cactus,

“No, now I do not want to be friends with you. You only see my beauty and did not notice my sincerity and soul.”

The sun rose in the morning. A little princess ran hilariously on the porch. Seeing the lush roses, she clapped her hands and said happily,

“What a beauty! Now let these beautiful roses bloom in our royal garden!”

She came to the best flower, gently stroked it with her tender fingers and said, “I will give this fascinating flower to my lovely Mom!”

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