Did you know that doing morning exercise is a healthy habit? I am always guessing you know. We are finding out how to keep/make our body from parents, teachers, medical posters, Instagram posts or another way. So, what about mental health? Did you know some ways to keep your mind in a good mood? Maybe you know what could “ruin” your friend inside? Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps… But most of us don’t care about the internal state as much, as we concerned about our looks.     

How well do we feel the impact on our relationship with society and ourselves? For example, a person with anxiety problems couldn’t meet FORTUNE or NEW FRIENDS…probably! It is terrifying how some people treating each other. Some critics can heart even someone`s state of inner fight and peace. We ought to recognize the difference between judgment and own opinion.

If you are living in the shell, you couldn`t see the light of the outer world. The best variant, at least sometimes, come out of your shell and get down from your tree! We should respect our weaknesses and wishes. Nevertheless…A healthy body goes hand in hand with a healthy mind.

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