Cave with a time machine

Once Anna and Nick went on a trip, but did not even guess what would happen to them…

“Look what a cave! Shall we go there?” Nick said to his girlfriend.

“Are you not in your right mind at all? It can be dangerous, and if something falls on our heads? Or even worse: we will stay there forever…” Anna replied looking dissatisfied.

She seemed to predict the possible end of this story and was still a little right… but about its later part…

Nick looked at Anna indignantly, with eyes full of resentment going through the roof…

“Well, you, but what about adventurism? It’s not fun with you at all, why did I take you … I’ll go alone!”

“Nick, don’t take offense, we’d better go somewhere else. See how many cool options there are, where to go! And no less mysterious places than this cave!” Anna shouted.

For along time Nick persuaded his girl to go to this strange and mystical place, permeated with unusual energy, which was felt even in the distance, and eventually Anna gave up.

“Well, well, let’s go, but under your responsibility!” said the girl, and they walked cautiously to the cave… going deeper and deeper, plunging into the world of darkness.

“Hey, you foolish adventurer,” said Anna rudely from the cold, dampness, and fear, “did you take the flashlight?”

Nick took out his flashlight without saying a word and walked forward, lighting Anna’s way. Silent and sad friends were gradually losing hope of seeing anything interesting in this strange place, except for cobwebs, dampness and drops of water running down their heads…Suddenly they saw a strange structure, as if it were an alien hut.

“Anya, look, is that a time machine?” Nick laughed to himself.

But in vain…

“Don’t make me laugh, maybe it is some nonsense, right?” Anna answered.

“No, I don’t think I’ll come in…I’ll see,” Nick said and opened the steel door…

1554…Nick came out of strange constructions being full of delusions: everything was so unfamiliar…

“Where did I end up?” Nick thought to himself, and in just a few minutes he realized that he was in the past … kings and queens, courtiers and servants everywhere, and he…Nick was scared, but he was curious.

“Bring the hem of my dress, why are you standing?” The lady in the elegant dress ordered him. Nick didn’t understand, but tried to pick up the dress and fell…”

“Damn, here’s at least five kilograms … No, well, it’s all in the bath, I joked about the time machine!” Nick thought and hurriedly decided to inspect the area.

“Well, where, where the hell is that? Where’s that unfinished car…” the guy started swearing.

Meanwhile, the respectable inhabitants of that time rode past him in elegant carriages on horseback, having secular conversations …

Nick ran where only his eyes could see and somehow miraculously got back into a strange car…

“Even if I got drunk again in that cave, Anya was right, I didn’t have to go there …”

Anoooo! Nick shouted and hugged his girlfriend.

“Where have you been for so long ?! I was worried,” Anna roared.

“I’m a little late, but it’s okay, I’ll tell them something!”

Friends walked in the direction of the exit from the mysterious cave and rejoiced that the “adventure” was over. In his head Nick was scrolling the strange thing that happened to him.

Looking back, he noticed that the structure had disappeared …

“Maybe I dreamed it all? … What the hell are kings and courtiers? But I saw them with my own eyes …”

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