‘Chadwick Boseman: Portrait of an Artist’

(film review)

On April 17, 2021, ‘Chadwick Boseman: Portrait of an Artist,’ a short film from Netflix was released in the USA. By the genre, it is a biographical documentary, and it lasts only 21 minutes.

The film has an original plot: acquaintances of the actor tell about him: what kind of person he was and how he felt about the job of his life. The film is relevant because it shows the extraordinary devotion of man to his work, which is very inspiring for new achievements, especially when we are sitting at home and just don’t want to do anything.

The film is directed by Awol Erizku, an Ethiopian-American contemporary artist who lives and works in New York and Los Angeles. Actors — Chadwick Boseman, Viola Davis, Danai Gurira, Spike Lee, Taylour Paige and Glynn Turman.

The author made this film primarily to pay tribute to the actor who died of a terrible disease, and the film director succeeded.

As mentioned above, acquaintances of the actor from the set talked about Chadwick as a person. They noted what an unsurpassed actor he was. His actions in and out of the frame were analyzed. From time to time, the director inserts motivational quotes from the actor and moments from the films, which are emphasized by the people who tell the story. The plot develops logically, moving gradually from one topic to another. The author managed to show Chadwick as a master of his craft and create an inspiring atmosphere.

The author’s style is noticeable in the film, as the director is an artist and a photographer, he periodically inserts photos of his works as screen savers. They really fit perfectly into the style of the tape. Also, each speaker is filmed in different locations, but there always are different flowers.

The film has historical and social significance because:
1. As in most cases, Chadwick was noticed only after his death, although during his life he participated in many major projects. Therefore, after watching the film, people will get to know the actor a little closer.
2. For some, the film can be a stimulus to action, motivation to do what he was afraid to do before. And do their best to stay in the memory of people as masters of their craft.
Finally, I will say that the tape has a format that is not quite typical of this genre, but on the contrary, it separates it, making it unique.

After watching the film, there are only pleasant impressions that you want to share with the world. I recommend the film to people:
1. Who have lost motivation to live or work;
2. Interested in the life of the actor;
3. Waiting for a little kick;
4. For everyone who wants to watch. It’s worth it!

My rating is 10/10.

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