Charismatic Tom Hanks …and a cup of coffee


If you ask who my favorite actor is, I’ll say it’s Tom Hanks. In fact, I like a lot of actors but I remember Tom Hanks most often. The fact is that I like him not only as an actor but also as a person. He impresses me even with his kind look. There is something so appealing about it.

He is considered a guru among actors because he has a huge number of successful and popular films. Hanks began his acting career with roles in television and comedy films before gaining recognition as a dramatic actor and won two Oscars in the Best Actor category for his starring roles in Philadelphia (1993) and Philadelphia. Forrest Gump “(1994), thus becoming one of two actors in the history of cinema (along with Spencer Tracy), who won this award twice in a row.

There were no ways from childhood that would push him to become an actor; it was only his choice because he was born in the family of his father-cook and mother-nurse. Already in his youth, Tom Hanks showed remarkable acting skills and the ability to win the attention of others with an exceptional sense of humor. Tom Hanks began filming in 1980. He made his film debut in “He knows how lonely you are.” But his real ‘discovery’ happened only four years later when the romantic comedy “Splash” was released. Later, his career was doomed to sky-rocket. Having won two Oscars in a row, Hanks became a national hero. Also in the future, he tried himself in the role of a film director, which is a very risky thing…

So there is no doubt that he is a talented actor. In addition to acting, he also takes an active part in public life. Hanks supports same-sex marriages and environmental protection. He donated money to many democratic politicians; in the 2008 and 2012 elections, Hanks supported Barack Obama. In the 2016 US election, he supported Hillary Clinton’s candidacy.

Hanks is known as a friendly and pleasant person in communication with his fans. He is often called the ‘American Dad.’ In his personal life, the actor is faithful to his wife Rita Wilson for 32 years. Such long marriages are really rare among the stars of the film industry.

Who knows, maybe, one day I will manage to drink a cup of coffee with him…as one of his fansJ

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