Checkmate for series of 2020

(a film review)

Majority of you, if not watching, but accurately caught the ear of the name of the tape, which quickly gained notoriety. “The Queen’s Gambit” received the most views among the miniseries produced by “Netflix”. Dynamic plot, talented actors, nice visuals, special story – in general, everything you need for success. However, today we will get acquainted with each cell on this board of cinematic creation.


The series is based on Walter Tavis’ novel “The Queen’s Gambit” (1983). Why is the chess story? As a child, the author himself liked to play chess with his sister and peers from the yard. Walter says that all the heroes of his books (the man is also known for the novels “The Man Who Fell to Earth”, “Fraudsters”, “Billiards”, etc.) are lonely losers who choose a hobby for singles. These two factors are harmonious in the story of the orphan Beth Harmon.

“The Queen’s Gambit” tells the story of Beth’s growing up in an orphanage, forming a personality in a new family and becoming a professional not only in tournaments, but also during the training itself. Having met the wonderful world of chess in the basement of the cleaner, the girl immersed in the logic of moves and the structure of techniques with each game more and more. However, Beth had to get acquainted with the heavy hands of the narcotic effect in order to remember everything she had learned during the day. Before going to bed, the heroine took “vitamins” given by the workers of the house, and on the ceiling played a board with their actions. This moment, by the way, covered all humorous publics in social networks, after all original users sculpted anything on that ceiling, instead of chess.

Тhe main role

Fantastically hypnotic Anya Taylor-Joy was chosen for the role of Beth Harmon before writing the script. An extraordinary game, both acting and chess, swallowed viewers from the first minutes of the series. Anya shared that this character is very similar to herself and therefore felt a special interest in her. For example, the actress was directly involved in creating the appearance of her heroine.

Looking at all the tournaments, many people were probably afraid to even blink, so as not to miss a single move of the players. However, how can you reproduce all these techniques without playing chess? Anya answers that she wanted to take game lessons, but did not have enough time. Due to the busy schedule, the actress studied moves at once on the set. Choreography skills helped her in this, because the actions on the board became just finger dancing for her. Thanks to the excellent short-term memory, the girl quickly played the necessary moves and exhaled calmly after the shooting.


The events unfold in the 50-60s of last century. In each series the most important elements are transferred quite aesthetically. Throughout the series, you can see how the appearance of the main character changes. She turns from a monotonous gray mouse into an attractive fragile girl who understands fashion. The outfit, which with each series ignites even more admiration for the stylish and beautiful selection of clothes, is in fact a material reflection of Beth’s inner excitement. Anya Taylor-Joy insisted that the heroine had red hair, which now enjoys unusual affection from young people, so she had as many as four wigs with different hairstyles.

In general, each character was very cool because of his appearance. Obsessed with learning and development, Harry Beltik, who walks, as they now say, “in his grandfather’s wardrobe”; confident and bright Benny Watts in a hat and leather cloak; always beautiful and presentable mother Alma in beautiful women’s clothes. The modern generation is looking forward to the next fashion of the long-gone years, so watching each character in its own way is pleasant and interesting.

An interior that sometimes makes your heart beat faster. Although the main audience of the series did not live in the 50-60s, but the locations certainly suggest the atmosphere of the last century. I want to not just visit such places, but also take photos and post pictures on all social networks. The retro mood swirls in a whirlpool of visual pleasure.


Despite her orphan friend Jolin, chess twins Matt and Mike, Alma’s mother and rivals Ben and Harry, the heroine feels lonely. And not just feels, but knows that sooner or later they will leave her life. That is why she finds safety in chess, where everything is provided, and you can control every step. Along with loneliness, a young and talented chess player fights her demons of addiction. Alcohol, drugs… drugs, alcohol… The girl is unsure of her victory without magic pills, does not know how to fill grief only with tears and without a bottle. Beth does not seem to feel complete in this difficult world of defeats and disappointments without additional substances. In addition, the heroine is also worried because she is her. That is, it is female. Beth conquers many of her competitors with her charming femininity and, of course, rare playing abilities. However, the girl believes that she becomes famous only because the others are guys. And she is the only chess player among their team. She is special because she is a girl. And that’s all. She is no longer interesting. Beth wants to prove to the world and to herself that she deserves to be called a champion, because she deserves it for her actions.

This is a story of struggle not only at the cells of the board, but also at the level of the cells inside the person. Although the heroine says that she has no weaknesses in the game. However, life is also a game in which you have to face your shortcomings and make a choice. Step by step to improve to achieve the goal or go with the flow of fears and temptations. Will Beth be able to curb her evil desires? Do pills really help her win? Will friends of the past return to support the heroine? Watching the series will help you answer these questions.

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