Chocolate Easter Cake with prunes!

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Easter is coming soon, which means time to cook Easter cakes. But what to do when you are tired of yeast, dough, wait a couple of hours for the dough to rise, and then knead? There is a way out; this is Curd Easter. I love cottage cheese and everything related to it, so let’s start. But first, a little historical digression.

Traditionally, Easter is prepared in the form of a truncated pyramid, which symbolizes the Holy Sepulcher. For cooking, a special shape is used – a paste-box, on the inside of which the letters “ХВ” are carved, meaning the greeting “Christ is Risen!” These drawings are then printed on curd Easter.

Do not judge me harshly that I mustered up the courage and prepared Easter, deviating from tradition, without a pastoralist. May I deserve your forgiveness by saying that this dessert tastes like “cheese in chocolate” and not only can it, but also needs to be cooked more often than once a year? And for some reason I am sure that many people will like it: both those with a sweet tooth and those who are on a “diet.” If you want, you can change the proportions by adding a little sugar or using more or less fatty cottage cheese. I tried to offer you an idea and recipe, which for my taste is the most correct from the point of view of the “taste-texture” balance. Easter is not sugary at all, someone will probably need to add 50 grams of sugar. It is very tender, moderately dense. But do not forget that Easter is such a dish, the taste of which will completely depend on the taste and quality of the ingredients used, in particular: cottage cheese, butter and chocolate. So choose the best products!

Chocolate Easter with prunes Ingredients:
500 g cottage cheese medium fat 9%, room temperature
150 g chocolate 50-60%
100 g butter, room temperature
100 ml heavy cream 38%
150 ml sour cream medium fat 20%
100 g prunes
10 g vanilla extract

1. Soak prunes in hot water beforehand. Then dry and chop coarsely.
2. Heat the cream to a boil. Pour the cream over the chocolate. Leave on for 2 minutes, then stir until smooth. Cool to room temperature.
3. Rub the curd through a sieve.
4. Beat butter with a mixer until fluffy.
5. Add butter to the curd. Beat.
6. Add sour cream. Beat.
7. Introduce chocolate into the curd mass. Beat. Add prunes. Mix.
8. Take a deep bowl. Put a sieve into it. Cover it with gauze. Put the curd mass and press it firmly with a spoon. Cover with a plate and place a light weight on top. Refrigerate for 12 hours.

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