Christmas adventure

“Hold it, hold it!” Maxim’s mother shouted. She was standing on the threshold in slippers, the boy had just finished to shape a snowman. The frost had taken over at night and tomorrow the Snowy Lollipop would have to stand all Christmas holidays!

Maxim turned to their big and bushy Lakki dog, running as fast as he could, carrying a home-made Christmas star-cake in his teeth.

“Run after him! He brings my cake to Aunt Jane! Call her for Christmas dinner!”

“Okay, Mom,” Maxim dashed after their mop-headed dog. “Shake your legs! Hurry up! Lucky Lakki, Yahoo – hoo!”

However, as soon as they rand outside the gates as the world rolled over and circled around. “Wow!” The boy looked around, “Where am I?”

“Don’t be afraid, I’m with you!” Lakki growled. “We are in a magical world, and we urgently need to find the urchin goblin who stole the Christmas star from the sky.”

“Oh no! Christmas without the Christmas star is impossible! And why did he steal it?”

“All urchins like to play pranks and the urchin goblins are not exceptions. However, they prefer to play rough and even vandalize! There could be no Christmas feast without the Christmas star! And the self-made Christmas star-cake scares all of them. Your mother did it to bring joy to people – Jesus was born.”

“The same bagpipe! We need to hurry up, the night will come soon and we still need to go to Aunt Jane.”

Maxim with Lakki tracked the urchin goblin footprints, resembling the trails of a young goat.  The magic forest amazed them with charming birds, silver bushes and white-fluffy clouds resting right on the treetops.

“I’m with you! I know where the brawler is!” A little angel in a warm white sweater sat on a silver branch. “Alone, I am weak. Together, we are strong. Let`s punish him and show him the ropes!!”

“Haha!” The urchin goblin laughed as the trail turned around the high hill with steep slopes. “I will not give you the star, even do not ask.” He jumped high and in a while was on a hill peak.

“But without the Christmas star, there will not be any Holy Supper. All the kids are waiting for the dawn to tell the good news!” Maxim exclaimed.

“I do not care!” The urchin gobbling shaped a snowball and threw it right in Maxim`s forehead.

Suddenly, right behind the back of the rogue prankster Little Angel appeared. She pushed him roughly from the top

“Oh No! It is not honest! I did not see you!” The urchin goblin rolled down right to the feet of Maxim.

“That is your fault,” the boy punched the scoundrel hard in his nose and took the Christmas star. Boxing workouts with his father were not in vain.

Little Angel flew down and took the Christmas star, “If you decide to keep on fighting, the dog will bite off your tail, think about it!”

“Ahhh! That’s not fair, ”the disobedient urchin shouted and tried to snatch the star back.

However, no such luck! Lakki clutched his tail, and Little Angel kept his hands firmly. Maxim raised the Christmas star high, “Happy days and lucky night, Merry Christmas give us lights!” After that, he gave the sparkling star to Little Angel, while the ashamed urchin goblin swiftly ran away.

“Thanks! Thanks! So good that the star came back!” Little Angel flew to a group of smiling angels waiting nearby and waving hilariously their wings.

“Wow! It’s time for us to go home!” Maxim and Lakki turned back and the world rolled over and circled around once again.

“Goodbye! Maxim!” The boy heard the slowly disappearing voice. In a while, Maxim and Lakki were at the aunt’s gate, invited her to their festive dinner, and ran back to their home.

In the evening, when the splendid sunset was over, thousands of stars greeted cheerfully all happy people, but the star saved by Maxim and Lakki shimmered in the most sparkling way. Everyone rejoiced and caroled. The spirit of Christmas covered the whole world. “Merry Christmas!” shouted Maxim looking at the night sky. “Merry Christmas!” responded Little Angel. “Merry Christmas!” said Santa Claus who appeared suddenly from the chimney. “This year, Maxim, you earned the best Christmas gift in your life!” Maxim looked inside of a Christmas box and just amazed. But what was in the box will be told in our next story…

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