Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve. Mom is preparing a festive dinner, and Mark is sitting on the windowsill admiring the fancy patterns on the frosty window. What only charms does not use winter! The patterns on the windows are probably some of the most refined and recherché. However, frosty patterns on windows are almost the same as frost on icy grass and trees. In any case, the principle of their formation is the same. The same magic, the same magnetism.

Suddenly, Mr. Frost himself appeared on the window. “Come with me, boy. I’ll show you a fairy tale.”

Mark quickly packed up and went outside. Frost took the guy by the hand, and they flew into the sparkling sky.

Wonderful patterns appeared all around. Fancy branches and flowers, fabulous animals, fairy tale outlines and shapes of castles, feathers of strange birds, Transparent stars – snowflakes, the finest geometric ornaments-frosty patterns are diverse and unique.

And at this time, the white clouds in the sky parted, forming a large circle of free Sky. The Blizzard had almost subsided. Single snowflakes swirled softly in an amazing dance.

And from the clear sky, the first Christmas star start shining brightly.

“Son, it’s time for the table! Wake up! That’s the Christmas star over there! It has risen and brought the spirit of Christmas! Merry Christmas!”

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