Christmas Marathon is Eternal!

Christmas has already passed; however, it is still in the hearts of many people, especially such Christmas fans like me. The phrase “Christmas Story” is already used as a catchphrase, so I decided to find out more about what happens on Christmas Eve. To help you find out what that “story” is, I have prepared a list of movies that will suit any viewer and will plunge you into the Christmas atmosphere …in December 2021.

A Christmas Carol ” (Australia, 1982)

The parable of the angry curmudgeon Ebenezer Scrooge, to whom three ghosts on Christmas night helped him understand the essence of Christmas and correct his attitude toward life.

A Christmas Story” (USA, Canada, 1983)

Imagine yourself in the shoes of the parents of a child who demands not just anything, but a real air rifle as a gift! Little Ralphie has tried every possible method: begging his parents, writing about his dream in a school essay, and even talking to Santa about it, sitting on his lap. Everywhere, the response he received was invariable, “You’re going to take your eye out!” And if you mix it all up with Dad’s strange attachment to the lamp as a woman’s leg and his eternal struggle with the smoky stove, Mom’s endless attempts to feed her little brother Ralphie, and the main character’s constant running away from the neighborhood bullies, you get a Christmas merry pun that makes the whole family laugh nonstop.

Mickey’s Christmas Carol” (the USA, 1983)

Ghosts from a Christmas dream helped Uncle Scrooge, known for his stinginess, to become quite adequate and even generous. Once upon a time, Scrooge had beloved and loyal friends, but he traded them for money. That’s where his Christmas ghost took him in the past. Then they flew to the home of Mickey, the conscientious and dependable worker. There was an atmosphere of love and warmth, even though the family had no money to cure their seriously ill son, and even for Christmas, they couldn’t afford a tasty treat. The worst ordeal was seeing his own grave. Horrified, Scrooge woke up and was extremely glad to find himself at home in his own bed, which means he has a chance to right his wrongs. The boss offers Mickey to be his companion with a significant pay raise, the little ones get lots of presents and the traditional turkey for Christmas.

The authors of the story took as a basis the gloomy story described above. As a result, the creators of the Disney masterpieces turned out a funny cautionary tale, the main idea of which is that we shouldn’t be afraid to change ourselves, each of us is up to the task when we have faithful friends around. The events of the bright, dynamic cartoon will be watched with interest by kids and adults alike.

Christmas Story (film)” (Finland, 2007)

Many years ago, in Lapland, a boy named Nikolas is orphaned when his family is killed in an accident. The heads of the families in the village meet to decide his future and, as life in the arctic is difficult, it is decided that as no one family could care for him permanently, they would raise him communally, with each family taking him for one year and then moving him on to the next. Grateful, Nikolas begins whittling toys out of wood as a gift which, each Christmas, he leaves for the family that cared for him. It becomes a tradition from then, with Nikolas never forgets the children of those families that received him each year. When a blight hits the village, and none of the families can afford to take him in for the next year, he is taken in by grumpy hermit Iisakki as his carpenter’s apprentice. Iisakki works hard but Nikolas is clever and quick to learn, and Iisakki gradually grows to love Nikolas as his own son. Nikolas begins to live more and more for the spirit of Christmas with each passing year and it becomes his life and as he grows old he becomes the figure known as Santa Claus.

A Christmas Carol” (USA, 2009)

A screen adaptation of Charles Dickens’ famous work. It’s hard to imagine a man who doesn’t love Christmas. That’s exactly what Ebenezer Scrooge as – he was only interested in money: love, friendship, and holidays had no value for the avaricious financier. All his life he had accumulated wealth and despised weekends, seeing them as a waste of precious time. But the bright forces of Christmas force him to repent and overturn his whole notion of life. It turns out that there is love in the world, and humanity is not alien to Scrooge. The picture reminds him of the main values of life and is imbued with the magic of Christmas.

Perhaps you, too, will learn to appreciate something through these Christmas stories. Like the fact that it is so important to learn to believe in miracles – then they will surely come true…in December 2021.

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