Christmas Party Crasher

(Christmas story)

It was on the eve of Christmas… Lisa woke up earlier and went shopping to buy presents for friends and family because the next day would be Christmas. On the way, looking for a purse in her bag, she noticed that she had not sent invitations to anyone yet. After all, this year she decided to throw a real Christmas party in her house. For this Lisa made special holiday postcards with original invitations.

Leaving the Christmas decorations store, she accidentally clashed a guy, sweetly smiling and thinking about how silly she was. Mentally she said, “ What a ‘Cute Cowboy’, it would be nice to meet him again…” Paying no attention to it anymore, she ran home and started baking the juicy turkey. The atmosphere was festive, the fir tree was shining, and the house had the aroma of tangerines, cakes, and candies. Finally, everything was ready for the Christmas party!

In the morning, Liza woke up! Lisa’s sister and her boyfriend came first. Congratulating each other, they began to serve dishes on the table and wait for the rest of the guests.

When almost all the guests got together, the Christmas party was hilariously launched. Lisa was worried about just only one of her female friends, her colleague Karina, who did not come to the party. She seemed to have sent her an invitation too… After tasting the Christmas cake and drinking the first glasses of sparkling champagne, everyone began to unpack the gifts. Suddenly somebody knocked on the door. Lisa looked at her friends in astonishment and said, “Maybe it’s Karina!” One of her friends cracked a joke, “Knock, Knock! Who is there? Mary! Mary who? Mary Mary Mary Christmas!” However, when she opened the door, she saw the ‘Cute Cowboy’ she had recently collided in a store. Lisa looked at him in surprise and smiled not knowing what to say. He uttered, “Merry Christmas and glad tidings of happiness and joy!” He held out a Christmas invitation from Lisa. In a while, she realized that when she ran into him the  invitation fell down and got into the package to Jack, that was the name of this ‘Honey Heartbreaker’… “However, you are a brassy guy, Jack,” Liza remarked. “No, I am just a shy party crasher,” Jack hugged Liza in a perky way… All evening they danced and laughed together…Half a year later they got married. That’s the kind of romantic story that happened with Lisa for Christmas. And how about you? Do you believe in Christmas miracles?

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