Cinderella or Golden Paris Hilton?

(irony story)

He lived in Obolon. He had a good job, a brand-new car and good career perspective. He had well-off parents to whom he went on weekends. After work he liked to have a drink with golden youth friends.

Why didn’t he have a family of his own? Because he did not like poor women calling them province Cindarellas, and they always happened to him. So he went himself painting the city in his own colors.

Once, he was invited to my friend’s birthday party. We celebrated, walked, toasted, there was a lot of great food, fun and guests. And our hero fell in love with one girl. Desperately. They cooed all evening long, talked about everything possible, he took her home. They chatted for a long time, and then like a flash of lightning he found out that she was from a simple family, she had no millions, no yachts, and no apartments around the world! He was very disappointed but that time he went against his principles. Not knowing why he married this girl. All his life he disliked Cinderellas but from that Cindarella he failed to run away. Maybe it is a kind of Christmas magic? Merry Christmas!

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