Computer Games and Logical Thinking

My hobbies are team computer games, strategy and urban planning. I like to play with friends online, where the result depends not only on you, where everything is for one and one for all, where the spirit of rivalry plays in the veins.

Strategies and city planners, on the contrary, help to focus, think, relax. In urban planning simulators it is very important to take into account the location of sites, roads, water and electricity, to monitor traffic jams and the needs of citizens. It helps to distract and lift the brain with something else.

Strategies have been helping me to develop the logical thinking since childhood, they sharpen this skill. I love strategies because you can reflect on every step, learn to read your opponent, think ahead, it’s almost like chess or checkers in electronic format, with different tasks and goals. But the result is always one to win or lose.

Online shooters with friends are the coolest thing that people have come up with, where the team decides everything and everything is decided by your skill, when you can’t replay from the last save, your accuracy and reaction comes first. Here the winner is the one who is better, the one who trains and the one who knows how to play.

Also, one of my favorite genres is survival, with friends it’s usually more fun to play like that, but it’s up to you. I am very interested in gathering resources, crafting, interacting with the world and full freedom of action. I am not forced to go on missions; I choose what to do. I can gather resources and build, I can raid someone, travel the world and look for more rare resources, and then go to another game and relax there.

Computer games are my way to relax after a hard day, learn something new, play with friends and discuss the news with them. Games are a small universe where other rules work and I like it.

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