Corona Ebola Quarantini Ruined my Plans

(opinion article)

On March 10, 2020, Ukraine announced quarantine in all educational institutions due to the coronavirus.  We were gladbecause this is a great opportunity to relax and sleep.  However, everything didn’t turn out the way everyone wanted it. Deadsh*t.

In early April, I had a trip planned with my parents to Truskavets.  I really wanted this, so I was upset but took it calmly.  I thought that until April 3 we would stay at home and then go, it’s okay that the trip was postponed. Deadsh*t.

However, on April 2, we found out that the quarantine was extended until April 24, and then the first stroke of panic attacked me.  True, it was HELL for me.  By that moment I had already spent a lot of time with my family, and it seemed to me so dreadful…  All that time, I honestly followed the quarantine recommendations to keep my health in order and only several times I went outside to get some fresh air  and to see the sparkling sunrise rays…(Of course, I followed all safety measures. I was in a mask covering all my face, in rubber gloves, a special khaki anti-chemical raincoat, and with different antiseptic sprays in my pockets.). Deadsh*t.

In addition to the trip to Truskavets, I missed my trip to Dnepropetrovsk with all my bestie buddies.  It was trashingly terrible like a nightmare under my skin… I’m still down in the dumps because of this. Deadsh*t.

But I was glad to know that the quarantine would end on April 24 and I would celebrate my birthday on April 25. Deadsh*t.

BUT NO.  Recently they have declared that this bieber-shnieber deadsh*t quarantine will last until May 15 and all my hilarious plans will be spoiled once again. I even dunno what to do. I just zone out…Deadcr*p.

I’m very annoyed and worried all this time. I really suffer from running around my apartment corners like a crazy hamster.  I like my folks …but it’s hard for me to spend time with my family. Deadcr*p.

Surely, I can’t live without sports, and the sports gym is also closed for quarantine.  I suffer from cabin fever, from spring fever…from I even don`t know what else…I cannot stay at home for a long time because it is so damn doozy for me – my young blood is pumping in my veins! I have a different temperament.  I need to go constantly moving, dancing, meeting my friends, sunbathing, hiking, playing football, climbing the trees, mountains… and doing whatever I love to do.  Without all this, I have no mood, no attitude. I turn into a gna goggles goner and I can’t do anything! Deadcr*p.

In addition to all this, we study online and this is the worst that quarantine brought.  The connection is bad, there are a lot of tasks, and we are all depressed and try to dodge all tasks at hand, therefore it is super-difficult. BLOODY HELL.

I hope that this Corona Ebola Quarantini will end one day because I feel like I’m losing my mind. OMG!

I really want to return to the University and my bestie buddies. HALLELUJA!

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