Coronavirus and Statistics. Don`t mix up the coronavirus symptoms with daily body functions

” There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.”
Mark Twain

Ukrainian journalists like the journalist of a number of world mass media outlets use the term ‘COVID-19 pandemic’ forgetting that the word ‘pandemic’ relates to regions covered with a widespread epidemic disease exceeding 5%  of the population. Where on the Earth can we find such a country with infected 5% of the population? China – no, Italy- no, Ukraine – once again no.

According to the words of Tedros Adhanom, Director-General of World Health Organization, pronounced by him on March 3, at the special briefing, on the global level the mortal rate of the seasonal flu is lower than 1%, while the COVID-19 lethality rate is 3,4%. So, the bosses of the United Nations Organization consider that the mortal rate of the coronavirus is just 3.5 times more than the same indicator of the seasonal flu.

Surely, in Italy, the lethality rate is almost 8% and the average age of those who died is 78 years. At the same time, the mortality rate in South Korea is 0.6% according to ‘Time’ publication from March 9, 2020.  Recent data from Germany show that their coronavirus mortality rate is less than 0.5%. It means two times less than from a seasonal flu. Weird data, don`t you think so?

Besides, the majority of Ukrainian journalists don`t mention the milder version on the coronavirus called SARS-CoV-2 at all. Those infected with this version of COVID-19 don`t go to doctors at all. The symptoms of illness are too slight.

Ukrainian Professor Anatolii Dorovkych, Director of Smartmed clinic in Kyiv,  affirms that such medicine as Antivirus -7, Silicon-3 (Кремній -3) as well as such homeopathy herb as ‘Absinthe wormwood’ or ‘Artemesia absinthium’ show good results while treating the patients infected with seasonal flu and the coronavirus. Why should not we trust him?

So, while discussing all the problems connected with the coronavirus, we should not get too nervous. It is better to keep on chuckling and giggling…at the distance of 3 meters from each other.

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