Corporate Business Culture: The Starbucks Case Study

A very important aspect of the development of any business is the presence of a corporate culture. The company’s corporate culture is an invisible key operating principle that determines how you work, how you communicate in a team and how you interact with the external environment.

This principle is based on the values and beliefs of the company ─ not those that can be thought of at the next brainstorm, but those that move the business forward and, possibly, once became the reason for its creation. Global brands such as Google, Netflix, Facebook, in addition to quality products are working on a unique corporate culture. Their style of brand positioning and personnel management inspires the leaders of many companies to create their own corporate identity. Starbucks is one of the leading branding companies. How did the brand become so popular and why is the corporate culture considered the main merit in this? A few examples below will help you figure it out.

  • At Starbucks, they believe that everyone who works for the company must share common inspirational goals. If for someone from the team the company’s goals do not carry any emotional message, then he will not invest all his efforts in their implementation. That is why it is important to understand how much you are “on the way” with each of the company’s employees, how to help them “ignite.”
  • HR is the first person after the head who implements and promotes corporate values. That is why HR needs to initially understand to what extent he himself supports and shares these values, and only after that ─ to work with the team.
  • Trust is the main component of the successful development of the company. It is important for the management team to rely on their employees, and then they can do their job better. Starbucks actively encourages employees’ innovative ideas for better business development. As a result, “Frappuccino” drink appeared on the menu of the coffee house, which was created by the employees after many experiments.
  • “Good service is hands and feet, and excellent service is the heart,” Starbucks is convinced. The heart is more important than the head. This is why one of the top priorities at Starbucks is to bring happiness to people. Back in the 90s, the coffee shop chain had a lot of outraged customers, which expressed dissatisfaction with the work of the staff. Guests wrote to Howard about their desire to come to Starbucks and feel welcome. And he realized this by placing an emphasis on service, and only then on coffee.
  • Howard Behar believes that every employee is first a person and then an employee in your company. Therefore, you should work on the personal growth of your team as well as on the professional one. “The better your employees are as people, the better they are as employees,” says the former president of Starbucks.

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