‘Cruella’ From Sincerity to Hatred

(film review)

I want to make art, Artie. And I want to make trouble. You in?”

‘Cruella’ is an American crime comedy film directed by Craig Gillespie, a prequel to “101 Dalmatians” and “102 Dalmatians”. The film premiered on May 28, 2021.

Craig Gillepsy is an Australian director who is known and respected for his ability to show great acting, a man who uses non-standard comedy techniques. The most famous works: ‘Lars and the Real Girl’ and the film remake ‘Night of Fear.’ The film premiered in Los Angeles, the most popular film since the pandemic, and earned more than $ 200 million in box office. The film was available in both theaters and Disney for an additional fee. Critics were quite high, they praised the acting of the lead actress Emma Stone, noted the musical accompaniment and costume design. They also acknowledged the excellent visuals of the picture, but the script was, according to experts, incomplete.

The theme of the film is to cover the life of a famous Disney thief. It shows how the main character came to this life, demonstrating what would happen to a creative child who cannot control their emotions.

The beginning of the film and its idea – a little girl Estella found herself in a situation in which she blamed herself for decades. Under certain circumstances, she had to keep her identity a secret. She dyed her hair and changed her name to avoid being found. The girl was fond of design, and therefore dreamed that her creations would be seen all over the world. The main character draws the attention of the Baroness. The woman, in turn, wanted Cruella to work for her. You have to see for yourself how this relationship developed.

The film director based his film on the cartoon ‘101 Dalmatians’. Gillepsy’s goal was to show how Cruella had become so heartless and evil. Frankly speaking, he didn’t do it well. The picture is not bad, but if you draw a parallel between the cartoon and the new film, the potential viewer can be very easily confused in the plot. Actress Emma Stone played the role well… But it was the role of a crazy designer, not a tyrant-Cruella from the cartoon.

My rating is 9/10.

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