Déjà Vu or Not a Déjà Vu?

(Christmas story)

Celebrating Christmas and New Year was a long practiced tradition for all of them. This year was no exception. Everyone was celebrating at home but Boris.

Boris entered the empty coffee shop and took a seat in the remotest corner. Everyone wanted to welcome New Year with family. For him, he just wanted to spend some time in peace and silence. He got tired of his work, education and the daily stresses. He looked around and saw a snappy and at the same time strange young woman in the corner. She was daydreaming and staring at flying seagulls seeking fish at the deserted beach. He took his coffee cup and sat besides the window to admire the snowy beach too. This lonely woman with dreamy eyes had sat here every time he entered the café. Now he thought it would be great to talk to her.

At first, after just simple “Happy New Year to you,” there was long silence with a lengthy, “Y-o-o-o-u… t-o-o…S-o-o-o-r-ry for the delayed reply. I just have no joy and cheer to celebrate this year.”

“And what`s your plan for the New Year?”

“Sitting in the coffee shop till the clock struck 12– that is my plan,” she replied sadly.

A moment later a festive meteor fizzled through the skyscape, dividing everything in its flight, burning nothing, and leaving a straight sparkling tail.

“Wow! It looks like a message from Santa!” Boris took the hand of the lonely girl.

Both of them got amazed, and the cheer seemed had risen in the soul of the young lady, so they spent hours talking about all the beautiful things they tried to remember, laughing and re-living each one of them. Then Boris shattered the beautiful moment with his words, “However, we forgot about one important thing –I guess we didn’t introduce ourselves to each other.”

“Oh, it completely slipped my mind. I got a feeling that I had known you before. Some kind of déjà vu…I`m Lia.”

“I`m Boris, and I wouldn’t deny such thing because you seemed so familiar for me. May be it is a time loop or a déjà vu, I don`t know…”

They could not remember each other but they knew that 2021 would be special. Clock was ticking and there were only a few days for the New Year.

This New Year will not only change calendars, but it will also turn a big page in their lives.

What are they doing now? They are hugging each other while going down the street, chatting hilariously, and feel as the wave of happiness starts covering their young hearts.

They are happy because they met last time millennia ago, before they had gone to the eternal sleep…

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