Dinosaur Professions

(Opinion article)

“We all have a dinosaur deep within us just trying to get out.”

Heу! In the last article, I talked about the professions of the future and thought about the specialties which would disappear 10 years after..

Trendsetting professions appear almost every day, and old ones lose their relevance transforming into something completely fresh. Just imagine: 10 years ago the term “SMM” did not even exist, and today it is one of the most popular professions. The educational project “Atlas of New Professions” describes in detail all the upcoming changes.

Store Cashier

In about ten years, they will become completely unnecessary: customers in the store themselves will scan the barcodes on the product using special software installed on the smartphone and immediately pay with electronic money.

Perhaps in some spheres cashiers will still be needed, but with the spread of electronic payments – less and less. Cashiers today need to think about how to use existing competencies to master new professions.


Legislation in the field of tax accounting, for example, in Ukraine already assumes that from 2019 all information on payments made through cash registers will be transmitted directly through the Internet to the tax office. This, as conceived by lawmakers, will minimize the possibility of illegal manipulation of revenue and replenish the budget.

Accounting rules can be algorithmized, which means that new IT services will allow managers to enter data and receive the necessary reporting without the participation of an accountant. Accountants, if they will be in demand in 10 years, are only for specific types of business.

If we argue which professions will not be needed in the longer term, in 20-30 years, then, most likely, they will not be needed.

Diagnostic doctors

Today, serious investments are made in the creation of artificial intelligence in medicine. Imagine that the database accumulates statistics about the patient’s performance and which treatment methods have been successful. Hundreds of thousands of cases fall into this database and correlations between cause and effect are created. If such statistics are available, the software, having received data on the patient’s health indicators, makes the diagnosis much more accurate than the diagnostic doctor, who has made a couple of thousand diagnoses in his entire career and is unlikely to know what proportion of them turned out to be correct.

As a confirmation of my thoughts, the IBM Watson computer, which in 2013 went into commercial operation as a diagnostician in one of the US hospitals? After several years of training, the accuracy of optimal treatment was 90%. As for the present-day doctors, this figure is approximately 50%.


 Already today 3D printers build walls of houses and do it better than people. While these printers are quite expensive, but after 10 years, their cost will decrease significantly. Experts have doubts as to whether they will be able to build high-rise buildings, but I think in five years we will get an answer to this question.

But it is time for masons to learn new professions: in 10 years their skills will be unnecessary. You can, for example, retrain in finishers, because a clear breakthrough in the field of automation of finishing work is not yet visible.

System administrator

The development of artificial intelligence systems will eliminate system failures quickly and almost imperceptibly for the user. The system administrators familiar to us are replaced by programs and specialists in their configuration.

Sport analytic

The ability to memorize and compare the details of sports biographies and the results of matches of a decade ago, to analyze information and predict the likely outcomes of future games was indispensable in the pre-information era – but in the near future the computer will cope with this function.

I really hope that you liked this article and now there is something to think about. While sitting at your computer screen, ask the question of J. Garner, “What kind of dinosaur am I?”

Good luck. I expect your comments.

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