‘Doctor Who’ Is Incredible!

(film review)

Have you ever dreamed of visiting medieval France? Listen to Shakespeare’s play live in the Globe? Drink tea with Whiston Churchill? Locked Hitler in his closet? And, by the way, save the whole world from underwater vampires from Venice, from aliens from the planet Raxacoricophallapatorius or from crying angels? Move over billions of years in time and space?

If so, the series ‘Doctor Who’ is just for you. Everything can be found in it: true friendship, love lasting thousands of years, incomprehensible and confusing family ties, a lot of adventures in the most unexpected places and an incredible number of familiar and just curious characters.

Well, the main character will not leave you indifferent. Such a Doctor. Always Doctor. Doctor Who?

He is not a man, a true friend, very honest and a little strange. He has two hearts, loves to dance, often falls, never has cash with him and the last of his kind or maybe not…

He travels in Tardis, a kind of blue police booth that jumps in time. And he didn’t steal it, he just borrowed it. Oh, I forgot to say, it is much more inside than outside.

So, if you want to travel in time and space without leaving the room, this series is definitely worth your attention.

My rating is 10/10.

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